Backwash units MILA

One of the most important pieces of hairdressers equipment are the backwash units. Due to the nature of their appliance they should be made from the highest quality components, so they could serve for many years while maintaining the aesthetics. Theyre easy to clean and they look good. Due to the constant contact with water and cosmetics, it is worth to choose models with a porcelain bowl which has a smoooth and chemically unresponsive surface. One should pay attention to the correct angle of inclination. The ideal solution is a strong, uniform cover made in technology of rotomoulding. It requires no additional installation of metal frames which are exposed to corrosion. The compact structure can better tolerate exploitation too. The units have an important meaning for users. One should take care to choose a models having a comfortable seat, armrests and headrest. Some models are available in a version with footrest and additional facilities, such as vibration massage. It is important for the prestige and good first impression to equip the hairdressers saloon in aesthetic backwash chairs. We offer aesthetically presentable models decorated in a modern style. Our items are available in many colors.