Styling chairs MILA

One chair, two people – Customer and Hairdresser. Things which are important for the customer are comfort, aesthetics, and the materials used. He expects that the hairdressers will be his little paradise. For the hairdersser the most important are ergonomics and practicality. Good furniture give freedom of action, make your work easier and help to save priceless energy. At the same time they increase the prestige of the place. It is important for styling chair to have a slight height adjustment by hydraulic pump, special holes in the seat for easy cleaning and narrow back on top to facilitate haircut. It is equally important that the seat had a good quality filling. The appropriate hardness is responsible for customers comfort during the service. Properly profiled backrest also affects his convenience. Of great importance is a choice of material. From the customers point of view it should be nice to touch and not irritating to the skin. Staff pays more attention to its appearance, strength and ease of cleaning.